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Fairytale No:5 Art Print Poster

Fairytale No:5 Art Print Poster

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"The Magic of Blueberry Pie"

In a magical fairy tale, a cute little boy with shining eyes and cheerful laughter went on a brave adventure. In a magical kitchen where fruit and the sweetness of French pastry were blended, a gigantic Tarte aux Canneberges (Blueberry Tart) awaited its fate. As the kitchen rested under the gentle light of the moon, the little angel approached the stage, animated by curiosity and her love of sweet things. With his tiny hands and excited heart, the little thief achieved the impossible - a delicious, giant blueberry pie. A kitchen now left without pies and desserts remained as a silent witness of the theft. The boy laughed a little, holding the scale like a treasure, and disappeared into the night. He left behind a kitchen longing for crumbs and tarts. Thus, the little adventurer and the giant Tarte aux Canneberges happily set out together on a journey filled with the joy of a stolen delicacy.”

Our prints, which are specially prepared for each sale, are prepared for sale specifically for you.

Our designs are printed on museum quality canvas paper.

In this sense, each order is prepared specifically for you.

We work hard at every stage for our works that will add color and value to your home, in this sense, we care that the resulting work will accompany you for many years.

Material: 170 gr. Canvas  paper

Size: 15x21 cm(A5) / 21x30 cm(A4) / 30x42 cm(A3) options are available.

Note: Frame and other decorations are not included in the price.

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