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Fontana di Trevi Art Print Poster

Fontana di Trevi Art Print Poster

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The king of the period banned marriages in order to send soldiers to the war, but St. Valentine did not comply with this ban and continued to marry the lovers. When he was caught, he was killed by the king on February 14. On this occasion, the day to commemorate St. Valentine emerged. St. Valentine's skull can be seen in the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome. The story has no historical basis, but it's nice to tell. Let's say happy Valentine's Day.

Our prints, which are specially prepared for each sale, are prepared for sale specifically for you.

Our designs are printed on museum quality canvas paper.

In this sense, each order is prepared specifically for you.

We work hard at every stage for our works that will add color and value to your home, in this sense, we care that the resulting work will accompany you for many years.

Material: 170 gr. Canvas  paper

Size: 15x21 cm(A5) / 21x30 cm(A4) / 30x42 cm(A3) options are available.

Note: Frame and other decorations are not included in the price.

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